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11 2020 26

Design talks Business Training | EcoDesign

How to implement design thinking that is focused not just on people, but on empathy towards the environment? Take part in DtB Training | EcoDesign and find out how to create products and services with minimum negative environmental impact.
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07 2020 04

Attention! We’ve redesigned the festival.

During Gdynia Design Days, we talk about design as a problem-solving tool. Each year, we emphasize the roles and responsibilities of designers, the creative sector, businesses and local governments in designing products, services and spaces. We demonstrate that design stands for curiosity — a curiosity for change.Read more

07 2019 21

Gdynia Design Days won the title "Recommended Product"

Identyfikacja 11. edycji Gdynia Design Days została wyróżniona przez Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego w konkursie Dobry Wzór. Oprawa graficzna festiwalu pod hasłem „Error” zdobyła tytuł „Produkt Rekomendowany”. GDD znalazło się w gronie najlepiej zaprojektowanych produktów dostępnych na polskim rynku. Read more

07 2019 14


On Sunday, July 14, the 12th edition of Gdynia Design Days officially ended. Thousands of people interested in good design visited us. Participants had the opportunity to participate in over 130 events. Thank you to everyone involved in creating the festival - curators, leaders, partners, exhibition supervisors, volunteers and all guests. Read more

07 2019 07

Gdynia Design Days - host festival of Word Design Weeks.

Gdynia Design Days became a first official host festival of Word Design Weeks. WDW is a network for design weeks and festivals around the globe with mission to elevate the global conversation, sharing experiences, education and connection of people with design. Read more

04 2019 04

Design talks Business Conference

Discover challenges and opportunities for blue (maritime-led) and green (ecological, environmentally-friendly technologies-led) sector, strategically address the deep needs of a dynamically evolving consumers and get to know how to search, build, try and learn from mistakes. Instead of generating hundreds of ideas, pay attention to the reality that surrounds you - the voice of clients, implemented projects, and topics of meetings in the company. Start with us during Design talks Business Conference 4th and 5th of April in PSTP Gdynia. Read more

11 2018 14

Learning Factory EcoDesign workshops

Learning Factory EcoDesign– discover ecodesign challenge and user needs,  identify environmental, business and technology impacts and opportunities and build the solution based on circular business model. Read more

07 2018 15


On Sunday, July 15, the 11th edition of Gdynia Design Days officially ended. During ten festival days, we learned ont only how to eliminate mistakes, but also how to draw conclusions from them. The search for new solutions in the face of unexpected events is part of the essence of design. The pursuit of error-freeness has ceased to make sense. This wandering pushes us forward. Read more

12 2017 15

Design Alive Awards 2017 for Gdynia Design Days

The jury of the competition organized by the prestigious Design Alive magazine awarded Ewa Janczukowicz-Cichosz and Paulina Kisiel the title of Strategist of the Year for organizing the jubilee edition of the largest summer event for the creative industry in Poland. 
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07 2017 15

Gdynia Design Days 2017 - thank you

Thanks to everyone present during Gdynia Design Days 2017 - participants, visitors, curators, speakers and workshop leaders. We hope that the creative STORM brought you a sea of ​​inspirations. Read more

06 2017 30

Gdynia Design Days 2017 | STORM

This year, Gdynia will become the summer capital of good design for the 10th time. The jubilee edition of GDD will be guided by the theme directly and metaphorically referring to the festival's seaside location - STORM
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07 2016 16

The 9th edition of GDD is behind us!

25 exhibitions, 80 workshops, lectures, meetings with creators, walks and film screenings. Over 13,000 visitors. The 9th edition of the Gdynia Design Days festival is behind us. Read more

07 2014 04

CITY+ | 5.30.60 – the new theme of Gdynia Design Days festival 7th edition

This year’s theme points out that the urban reality is co-created by its residents from different generations. Their impact on the city structure and the way daily life is shaped by the city itself are the issues which will be touched upon during exhibitions, workshops and other festival events. The top design festival in Poland will take place on 4-13th July 2014.
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12 2013 05

TT | design vs science fiction

How much of fantasy is in contemporary design?  How many of tangible and useful products were brought in to day light?  We will look for answers to this question during 5th meeting of  Tematy Trendowate. We invite You all to join us in discussion on 5th December at PPNT Gdynia.
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11 2013 20

Elle Decoration | YOUNG READY TO START

YOUNG RADY TO START is competition dedicated to young creatives: designers, students and graduates. Main aim is to find out the most interesting ideas and projects describing the subject “The motifs of 50’s and 60’s in modern design”.  
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04 2013 04

TT | Intruders in the city

We invite you all to 3rd meeting of TEMATY TRENDowate. Join us in discussion on 4th April 7 pm in Prototyping Area PPNT. This time we will focus on the theme 'Intruders in the city "!
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04 2021 14

New European Bauhaus

In August 2020, the initiative to create a new Bauhaus as part of the EU recovery plan was introduced by President of the European Commission - Ursula von der Leyen. In her Statement addressed to the European Parliament, the president stressed the need to kick-start a cultural and sustainable space for cooperation. We have now entered the first phase of the NEB. The Design Centre, as a member of the BEDA Board, also participates in creating this unique initiative.
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04 2021 14

We know the slogan of GDD2021!

Once again, during Gdynia Design Days, we will show that good design can become an effective tool for solving complex problems. The slogan of this year's edition of the festival is Solidary. How to interpret it?
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04 2021 14

Centrum Designu as a BEDA member participates in designing the New European Bauhaus framework

The New European Bauhaus is a unique initiative, announced in August 2020 by Ursula von der Leyen – President of the European Commission, aimed at initiating a deep renewal of Europe by involving architects, artists, engineers and designers. Just like in 1919, when the original Bauhaus was born, the world is facing numerous challenges today, especially when it comes to the climate. The New European Bauhaus is expected to lead to positive changes again. The road to renewal is, inter alia, the European Green Deal – political initiatives of the European Commission, leading to the achievement of climate neutrality by 2050. The second element is the Renovation Wave Strategy – a strategy for optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings. Read more