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Centrum Designu as a BEDA member participates in designing the New European Bauhaus framework

The New European Bauhaus is a unique initiative, announced in August 2020 by Ursula von der Leyen – President of the European Commission, aimed at initiating a deep renewal of Europe by involving architects, artists, engineers and designers. Just like in 1919, when the original Bauhaus was born, the world is facing numerous challenges today, especially when it comes to the climate. The New European Bauhaus is expected to lead to positive changes again. The road to renewal is, inter alia, the European Green Deal – political initiatives of the European Commission, leading to the achievement of climate neutrality by 2050. The second element is the Renovation Wave Strategy – a strategy for optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings. 

Design Centre in the unique initiative

Design Centre, as a member of BEDA, participates in the phase of building the New European Bauhaus initiative by taking part in discussions during the BEDA Open Doors. BEDA has been working closely with the European Commission on this case from the very beginning. BEDA Forum, which took place on December 10, 2020, was a direct expression of this dialogue. During this event there was a discussion with representatives of the Commission on the form and the impact that the initiative should have.

In 2021, there are further steps that awaits us in building this unique movement together. The website dedicated to the initiative will be launched in January. Call for proposals is also to be announced in the second half of the year. There will be 5 locations in different Member States of the European Union, where pilot activities of this movement will be implemented and tested. Each of the projects is to be created in the spirit of sustainable development, combining technology, culture and art with local conditions." – explains Paulina Kisiel – head of the Design Centre – member of the BEDA Board

Gdynia – the modern city

From the beginning of its existence, Gdynia has built its unique identity on innovation and friendliness to the inhabitants. It is a symbol of modernism, not only in architecture, but also in the approach to many other key issues. For years, Gdynia have been taking actions to slow down the climate catastrophe and reduce the effects of climate change. One of such activities is the expansion of green areas, which naturally help to lower the temperature in the summer and to manage rainwater resources better, while serving everyone as a place for recreation. There are certainly many more initiatives ahead of us. Gdynia as a climatically responsible city will try to set new directions in these matter as well.

Read more information on the European Commission's website about New European Bauhaus.