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Learning Factory EcoDesign workshops

Learning Factory EcoDesign– discover ecodesign challenge and user needs,  identify environmental, business and technology impacts and opportunities and build the solution based on circular business model. 

The Learning Factory Ecodesign is a practical, creative and interdisciplinary two-day training during which you will learn how to develop a circular system and circular business model for a product by following a user-centric ecodesign process. You will use effective ecodesign methods and practices to develop a meaningful product for users, while minimizing its environmental footprint. 

During the training, you will go through an Ecodesign Sprint. The Ecodesign Sprint is a process that marries the best of user-centered innovation and design thinking with sustainable design practices. You will learn in an interactive and productive hands-on workshop how to create MPH´s Minimum Harmful Products and Services and drive sustainability led innovation in practice. Teaming up with the other participants of various professional backgrounds, you will analyze user needs, formulate a design challenge, and develop your own ideas for solutions, and prototype a circular system around your product as well as a suitable business model. You will deal with questions like: 
o   What are the users’ needs? 
How can the product be repaired or reused?
Which services can I offer around my product?
What are suitable circular economy business models?
Which partners do I need to close the loop?
How can I minimize the environmental footprint during the life-cycle of my product?

However, goal of the training is not to develop the perfect solution but to understand the design process for circular systems and to get to know the tools you can use in your own business to make a step towards the Circular Economy.

The concept Learning Factory Ecodesign was developed and realized by ecodesign experts from Fraunhofer IZM and Circular Devices (finnish company behind the PuzzlePhone) and commissioned by the German Environment Agency.
Workshops will be combined with study tour to TAMO manufacturer. 

Whom is it for?
o   professional product designers and developers 
o   teachers, design lecturers 
star-ups, SMEs, business model developers 
o   actors who are interested in learning how to adopt ecodesign practices and profit from the opportunities arising around the circular economy.   

Your benefits as participant? 
Intensive and fast introduction into ecodesign and Circular Economy through selected and newly developed methods by ecodesign experts
o   Extend your own qualification towards ecodesign, system design, and user-centric design o   Creative, innovative and fun learning approach – learning by doing 
Straightforward methods – no previous knowledge required
Methods are easy to apply in your daily work
o   Methods are universally applicable to (nearly) any industry or product 
Learn with and from others (interdisciplinary approach)
Connect to other experts from different industries,positions, and business areas
Get to know ecodesign experts from Fraunhofer IZM

14.11.2018 | godz. 10:00-16:45 (* 19:00 networking dinner)
o   15.11.2018 | godz. 09:00-16:30 


PSTP Gdynia, building IV, F0.17 (ground floor)   

The training is conducted in English, free of charge. Required registration (link). Number of participants: 25. 

dr Max Marwede Research - fellow at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (Fraunhofer IZM) and holds a Postdoc position in the Junior Research Group „Obsolescence as a challenge for sustainability – causes and alternatives“ at the Technical University Berlin. As a Postdoc he develops an eco-innovation process for long-living products. As part of the department “Environmental and Reliability Engineering” of the Fraunhofer IZM and as a freelancer he supports companies in designing sustainable products and consults German and European public authorities on future ecodesign requirements. He has experience with technology roadmapping, interdisciplinary stakeholder cooperation and project management in industry-oriented research projects in various technology fields (automation technologies, renewable energies and electronics). Part of his work is to facilitate and moderate eco-innovation processes and train engineers and designers how to develop sustainable products. 
Tapani Jokinen - design Consultant, Strategic- & Ecodesign contractor in Fraunhofer IZM and owner of TJ-Design, creative consultancy that fuses strategic innovation and design with sustainability and ethical business to drive positive impact in global level. Furthermore, he is Chief Design Officer at Circular Devices, Finnish startup behind Sustainable Puzzlephone. Tapani is one of the Author of Ecodesign Learning Factory program where he teaching and facilitate training modules, innovation workshops and lecturing about circular design in seminars and conferences. Learning Factory methods and principles are featured in Sustainability Guide - online web tool. He has over 25 years extensive design experience in various capacities and global locations. Prior to Design Consultancy and Puzzlephone, he was Head of the Design Portfolio and Strategy at Microsoft/ Nokia. Tapani´s designs has sold over 400M all over the globe including iconic Nokia 3310. With great success comes greater responsibility that is why he talks Design and thinks Business with sustainability in mind. Tapani has unique skills to apply Design and lifecycle thinking to accelerate MPH´s Minimum Harmful Products and Services and drive sustainability led innovation in practice, which answer to the growing global demand for more sustainable products and helping companies in transition from linear to circular economy.   

Activity within the EU-project EcoDesign Circle (www.ecodesigncircle.eu), which is supported by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme and is coordinated by the German Environment Agency.