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We are after the first meeting on the initiative of the European Commission - New European Bauhaus - organized by the Design Center. 

New European Bauhaus - we have started a conversation about a better tomorrow

In August 2020, the initiative to create a new Bauhaus as part of the EU recovery plan was introduced by President of the European Commission - Ursula von der Leyen. 

New European Bauhaus

Let's talk about how to create a collective, sustainable and beautiful reality. 

New European Bauhaus - conversation about a better tomorrow

Once again, during Gdynia Design Days, we will show that good design can become an effective tool for solving complex problems. The slogan of this year's edition of the festival is Solidary. How to interpret it?

We know the slogan of GDD2021!

Paulina Kisiel, Ewa Chudecka and Karolina Cygert from PPNT Gdynia | Design Centre joined the Creative Broker Network created within the Creative Traditional Companies Cooperation EU project.

PPNT Gdynia | Design Centre joined the Creative Broker Network

As part of the CTCC project, we cooperated with representatives of SMEs from Pomerania. 

Centrum Designu supports companies in the field of Design Management.

The New European Bauhaus is a unique initiative, announced in August 2020 by Ursula von der Leyen – President of the European Commission, aimed at initiating a deep renewal of Europe by involving architects, artists, engineers and designers. 

Centrum Designu as a BEDA member participates in the process of designing the New European Bauhaus f

How to implement design thinking that is focused not just on people, but on empathy towards the environment? Take part in DtB Training | EcoDesign and find out how to create products and services with minimum negative environmental impacts.

Design talks Business Training | EcoDesign

BEDA (The Bureau of European Design Assotiations) to największe i najbardziej prestiżowe zrzeszenie, skupiające projektantów z całej Europy. 

Paulina Kisiel, manager of Gdynia Design Days, has joined the BEDA Management Board.

During Gdynia Design Days, we talk about design as a problem-solving tool. 

Attention! We’ve redesigned the festival.

The main theme of next edition of Gdynia Design Days is ATTENTION. How to interpret it? 

We know the slogan GDD2020!

The exhibition "Future Living. Danish cities of the future" looks at the challenges facing the world today and new opportunities to build our common future in a sustainable way, both in Denmark and in other countries. 

Future living exhibition. Danish cities of the future

EcoDesign Circle 4.0 is the extension of the international project called EcoDesign Circle.

EcoDesign Circle 4.0

On Sunday, July 14, the 12th edition of Gdynia Design Days officially ended. 


Gdynia Design Days became a first official host festival of Word Design Weeks. WDW is a network for design weeks and festivals around the globe with mission to elevate the global conversation.

Gdynia Design Days - host festival of Word Design Weeks.

Visual identification of the 11th edition of Gdynia Design Days was honored by the Institute of Industrial Design in the Good Design competition.

Gdynia Design Days won the title "Recommended Product"

The festival period in Gdynia is getting closer. Plan this time and visit Gdynia Design Days. See what actions and attractions we offer during the 12th edition. 

Gdynia Design Days 2019 | POLARIZATION

Discover challenges and opportunities for blue (maritime-led) and green (ecological, environmentally-friendly technologies-led) sector.  Start with us during Design talks Business Conference 4th and 5th of April in PSTP Gdynia.

Design talks Business Conference

EcoDesign Learning Factory – discover ecodesign challenge and user needs,  identify environmental, business and technology impacts and opportunities and build the solution based on circular business model.

EcoDesign Learning Factory workshops

W niedzielę 15 lipca oficjalnie zakończyła się 11. edycja Gdynia Design Days pod hasłem ERROR. Dziękujemy wszystkim zaangażowanym w tworzenie festiwalu - kuratorom, prowadzącym, partnerom, opiekunom wystaw, wolontariuszom i wszystkim gościom.