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Centrum Designu supports companies in the field of Design Management.

As part of the CTCC project, we cooperated with representatives of SMEs from Pomerania. ORPLAST, operating in the plastic packaging manufacturing, and Adventure & Cruises, which organize cruises on luxury cruise ships on various waters.

By the year of cooperation, SMEs received from us Design Management assistance, and the opportunity to cooperate with specialists from the creative industry. As a result we implemented and developed the innovations, and companies have develop their competencies.
In cooperation with the strategic and design studio - Kabo&Pydo and the Orplast company, Organicer - a system for storing and organizing small spaces, was created.   

See the movie.

Adventure&Cruises in cooperation with the dwasiedem design studio, has created an interactive platform in the form of a quiz, which adjusts the incentive trips offer to the customer's needs.

link to the survey.

Design Management 

The Design Management service, that we offer to companies, is divided into several stages, and all the support that companies receive from us are tailored to their individual needs. Our processes allows to change the perspective and look at product or service from the user's point of view.

An interdisciplinary team

We work with experts  creating business strategies, project management, qualitative and quantitative research, UX, UI, Service Design, trends and markets researchers, Web Designers, as well as designers of visual identification and design.

Design proces

We start cooperation from analysis the situation of the company. For this purpose, we first conduct a detailed brand audit at different levels of the organization. This allows us to identify at what stage of development the company is and in what area the support is the most needed. Research and define. The entire process of working with the company is based on meetings, workshops, research and working with people at different levels of the organization. We create concepts based on our knowledge and research  and market  trend analysis. We conduct interviews with users and we draw conclusions.

The innovation that we introduce with companies through the Design Management service allows not only to create new products, models or services, but also to see the potential and improve what is already functioning. Sometimes we need to change just one element to improve the entire process or product, thanks to which it will be more demanding on the market and, above all, it will respond to the needs of users. We design for specific users who will use a given service or product. That is why the next stage of work on innovation - prototyping and testing - is so important. Thanks to this, we can avoid mistakes or financial loss related to launching something that our client does not need. At the testing stage, we can improve our project or find what does not work.  

If you want to learn more, or use our services. Write to us at DM@ppnt.pl


paulina kisiel

paulina kisiel

Creative Director, Producer and Design Manager with more than 12 years of experience in the world of design. A strategic thinker who can clearly see the benefits and flaws of most situations.  Since May 2020 an active Member of BEDA BOARD an association with a strategic mission to strengthen the perception of design across Europe. Since 2012, involved in creating a new quality of the Gdynia Design Days festival, as well as other ongoing activities under PPNT Gdynia | Design Centre. As Director, her daily work focuses on precise observation of trends in order to tailor the festival programme to user needs. Awarded the title of Strategist of the Year 2017 by Design Alive magazine. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Gdansk Technical University and Design Management at SWPS.

ewa chudecka

ewa chudecka

Design Management Expert, PolandAn Design Management expert, art historian and interior designer. In 2019, she completed post-graduate studies in Design Management at SWPS, under which she develops her competences related to Innovation Management. She has been working at PPNT Gdynia | Design Center since 2013, where, she supports companies in implementing design processes and co-creates the Gdynia Design Days festival.

Karolina Cygert

Karolina Cygert

Specialist I EU project manager, PolandGraduated from International Relations and postgraduate studies in Public Relations. From 2017 specialist at PPNT Gdynia | Design Centre involved in managing European projects and supporting SMES in implementing innovation. Coordinator of Gdynia Design Days in the fields of developing cooperation with sponsors and international partners and submitting business content for festival’s target groups.

ewa janczukowicz-cichosz

ewa janczukowicz-cichosz

Deputy director of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia, responsible for its development, communication and promotion as well as creative activities. Experienced project manager, using in his work issues in the field of design management, sustainable development and circular economy. Expert in strategic communication and brand building. A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk, the Faculty of Management and Economics of the Gdańsk University of Technology and the interdisciplinary Design Management studies conducted by the Institute of Industrial Design in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics.

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