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TT | Intruders in the city

We invite you all to 3rd meeting of TEMATY TRENDowate. Join us in discussion on 4th April 7 pm in Prototyping Area PPNT. This time we will focus on the theme 'Intruders in the city "!

Ever since the first cites have been found, the public space has became inseparable part of it. Parks, streets, avenues… They all are expanse of major meaning, which fulfil the needs and improve the life-quality of inhabitants. They should also be something, which support favourable conditions for socializing . What’s important, public space is available for everyone, anytime and for free. However, as users we often don’t pay enough  attention to it.

When we try to limit public space a bit and see it as our closest surrounding, we notice how important the design of it is. Suddenly it appears to us that we start to treat it as our own private space/place to live.

Usually, we don’t have any influence on how our surrounding looks and functions. Decision about it are made without any consulting with its users. In fact, changes like placing monument, bench or building new parking space are causing fights between inhabitants, urban planners and designers. Awareness of the fact that public space is common good doesn’t change anything in peoples’ attitude. When artist or clerk make a decision about building new fountain on a place of already existing playground for kids, he usually don’t think about how will it effect everyday life of inhabitants. Do they need such a change? Do they want to take part in such a process?

As far as the public space is concern- are there any boundaries for artists and urbanists, sculptors and performers? If there are, where should we place it? How far can intruders ingrate in public space without consulting with the inhabitants? Our guests will tell us about their experience in three different fields- sculpture, design and new media. It will be a good chance to ask them about their inspiration and motivation for those kind of actions.

Special guests :
elvin flamingo
megi malinowska
tomasz radziewicz