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TT | design vs science fiction

How much of fantasy is in contemporary design?  How many of tangible and useful products were brought in to day light?  We will look for answers to this question during 5th meeting of  Tematy Trendowate. We invite You all to join us in discussion on 5th December at PPNT Gdynia.

Unreal. Futuristic. Impossible to exist as an actual, useable product. It can’t be made. There is no such technology. What is it?! It’s science fiction! What we are talking about? Let’s say that the subject is about typical world form any kind of SF movie. It’s uninhabited (if we can say so) by cyborgs and robots. Omnipresent, intelligent machines. Representative of human species are using pills as a substitute of food and big screens to manage their everyday life. In case of any injury they can replace any of their body part with implants. Did the directors and writers get to carry away with their visions? Not necessary. Imagination is area both for design and science fiction. Imagination of SF creators ahead the times in which they live.

And what about the modern design? Can we use the same description about it as the one above? In theory- yes. For sure many of the prototypes brings on the same kind of reaction. But sometimes, if we just dig deeper, we can discover that many of motifs form sf were brought in life by design. One of the Star Trek character, Geordi La Forge, was blind and he used artificial eyeball. Not everyone knows that the implant called biological eye is an already exist and is used to partially restore sight to the blind in USA. And what about Oscar Pistorius – the disable athlete, who used prosthesis made from fibre carbon and competed with fully fit contestants? He is not a movie character, but the real person… or maybe he is not just human being but a cyborg? Literature, science fictions films and design- they all tell us the stories about the future. They build the vision of alternative reality by showing us prototypes of objects, machines, vehicles and buildings. Thanks to them, we can see how our world will look like in future.

Which factor decide if this vision became true? And what makes them stay forever in the fantasy world? With the help of our guests, we will look for the answers to this question on our 5th meeting of Tematy TRENDowate.