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Taste of an object. Products desgined in Polish Pomerania

From 8-13th April 2014 the City of Gdynia cordially invites to Loftino, Opificio 31 at via Tortona 31 during Milan Desgin Week 2014 for an exhibition showcasing 12 products designed in Polish Pomerania presented in  a ‘tasty’ way…

(...) "Flavours have shape,", he started,  frowning into the depths of the roasting pan. "I wanted the taste of this chicken to be pointed shape, but it came out all round." He looked up at me, still blushing. "Well I mean it's nearly spherical," he emphasised, trying to keep the volume down. "I can't serve this if it doesn't have points." (...)
"When I taste something with intense flavour, the feeling sweeps down to my arm into my fingertips. I feel it - its weight, its texture, whether it's warm or cold, everything. I feel it like I'm actually grasping something." He held his palms up. "Of course, there's nothing really there," he said, staring at his hands. "But it's not illusion because I feel it."

„The Man Who Tasted Shapes”, extract from chapter I
Richard E. Cytowic, M. D.
MIT Press 2003

A book by Richard E. Cytowic and the extract quoted, in particular, has been a primary inspiration to create the concept of Gdynia Design Centre exhibition where an object goes beyond the limits of how it’s typically perceived.  It’s a story of products in a non verbal language. Food becomes a synthetic and universal portrayal of the features of each object. For it’s the smell and taste that remain in our memories the longest.

This paralinguistic story is to present 12 products designed in Pomerania – a region in northern Poland the border of which is the South coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s a region of a turbulent history linked with and age-long fight for independence. The Pomerania is also an incubator though, a base for brave yet developing, unique projects. It was Gdynia Design Centre, a unit supporting the development of creative industry in the region, which together with razy2 Design Group decided to collect the core talents and present them in Milan.
So diverse as the region are the tastes of the objects showcased in the exhibition. The project welcomes to savour in the warmth of a heater, speed of a bike, light of a street lamp, comfort of furniture or child’s play experience. There will also be something to nourish the soul and the memories. This eclectic cluster is also to portray the wide spectrum of activity among the Polish and Pomeranian designers. The exhibition showcases both single products as well as those mass-produced in hundreds, those enriching the interiors and co-forming the technical infrastructure, all designed in interdisciplinary teams. 

We cordially invite you to Loftino, Opificio 31 at via Tortona 31, 20144 Milan, 8-13th of April 2014 (10am-9pm) to experience the taste of objects designed in Polish Pomerania.

Below is a list of products that we will soon have a chance to taste in Milan:

Creme cycles_Vinyl
Interior records_Bawa
Katarzyna Piętowska_Chocolate Fixation
Malafor_fotel Wełna&Powietrze
None Grupa_Pillou
Studio 1do1_Kierec
Witamina D projekt_IGLO
Studio LOKO + Andervision