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Gdynia Design Days 2019 | POLARIZATION

The festivals period in Gdynia is getting closer. Plan this time and visit Gdynia Design Days. See what actions and attractions we offer during the 12th edition. 

During the 12th edition of the Gdynia Design Days festival between 6 and 14 July 2019, in a group of professionals and lovers of good design, we will work together to develop new methods of operation in the area of ​​design and business for polarized reality. We will look for alternative environmentally friendly materials, analyse the possibilities of better use of artificial intelligence for the benefit of users in the era of information overload, we will think about redefining the concepts of economics towards politics, we will take a closer look at the human body as a source of unused raw materials, and we will also ask about the importance of empathy and knowledge of the mental and physical health of living beings in design.  

Let's meet, as every year, in Gdynia, an open city that gives the opportunity to engage in wise dialogue, confront contradictory views, in accordance with the interests of various social groups. It is here that we create a forum for debate and draw conclusions that indicate the directions for further action.

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