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Future living exhibition. Danish cities of the future

The exhibition "Future Living. Danish cities of the future" looks at the challenges facing the world today and new opportunities to build our common future in a sustainable way, both in Denmark and in other countries. 

The exhibition is closed. 

The Future Living exhibition investigates the challenges we are facing globally and explores new opportunities for the sustainable development of our future – in Denmark and throughout Europe.
The Future Living exhibition addresses several of the United Nation – UN’s – 17 global goals for sustainable development, where urbanisation, climate and welfare are identified as some of the major global challenges. 

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The 21st century has been proclaimed as the century of the cities. Cities around the world are growing explosively, and forecasts show that two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in densely populated areas by 2050. 
How do we develop sustainable cities that interact with the suburbs and nature, are liveable and where waste has become a resource? How do we help achieve the global goals for CO2 emissions while creating the framework for the good life and community? 

Good Health and Well-being & Quality Education

The Earth’s population is growing – projections show that there will be almost 10 billion people on the planet in 2050 – while the proportion of people of working age is declining. How do we provide disease control and health for more and more people in the future with fewer resources than we have today? And how do we ensure future generations have the skills they need to be able to perform in the future and to drive forward sustainable social development? 

Climate Action

Climate change will shape our cities. The world is facing a major climate challenge and climate change adaptation is increasingly becoming a necessity. Nationally as well as internationally, we have set goals for CO2 reduction and, in this context, the world’s urban community plays a crucial role. 
New communities related to life in the city will blossom, partnerships based on new business models will form. For some, sustainable development will be a way to make a living; for others, a way of life that will make cities cleaner, healthier, greener and more sustainable, economically.

PPNT Gdynia | Centrum Designu, Duński Instytut Kultury, Teknik og Miljø/Aarhus Kommune, Rising

8.11.2019 – 19.01.2020  godz. 12:00 - 18:00

7.11.2019 godz. 17:00  opening lecture | Future Architecture: Social Sustainability | Flemming Svendsen, CEBRA (ND) | bud III | sala kinowa 
7.11.2019 godz. 18:00  vernissage | bud IV | galeria F0.20
16.01.2020 godz. 18:00 closing lecture and discussion| Better cities | dr Piotr Czyż, Barbara Marchwicka | bud III | sala kinowa