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EcoDesign Circle 4.0

EcoDesign Circle 4.0 is the extension of the international project called EcoDesign Circle.

Once again an international team of design centres, public authorities and design practitioners came  together to strengthen the awareness and practical application of the design approach to circular economy across the Baltic Sea Region. We look back on the successful development of tools for enterprises (EcoDesign Audit and Sprint) and practitioners (EcoDesign Learning Factory) as well as our ongoing one-stop-shop for all materials and inspiration you might need on the topic (Sustainability Guide). It is not only a theory, there are already good, practical approaches. We want people to know more about ecodesign and be aware of the choice it offers for responsible, sustainable consumption. We also want to further share our Sprint approaches to strengthen circular design as basis for a circular economy. 

EcoDesign Circle 4.0 is an extension stage project in the framework of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme. It is co-financed by funds from the European Regional Development Fund and the Russian Federation. The Lead Partner is the German Environment Agency. EcoDesign Circle 4.0 follows on from the 2016-2019 Interreg BSR project EcoDesign Circle.


·  Lead Partner: German Environment Agency (UBA) – DE
·  International Design Center (IDZ) – DE
·  Estonian Design Centre (EDC)  - EE
·  Technische Universität Berlin (TuB) – DE
·  Design Forum Finland (DFF) – FI
·  Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) – SE
·  Gdynia Design Centre/Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia (CDG) – PL
·  Medina Art Ltd. – RU

Funding programme:
Interreg Baltic Sea Region (co-financed by funds from the European Regional Development Fund and the Russian Federation)

Total budget: € 769 822,30
Duration: August 2019 – January 2021 

Program EU: