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The 9th edition of GDD is behind us!

25 exhibitions, 80 workshops, lectures, meetings with creators, walks and film screenings. Over 13,000 visitors. The 9th edition of the Gdynia Design Days festival is behind us. 

As every year, the GDD program was filled with events addressed to both: lovers of design, as well as professionals - older, younger, tourists and residents of Tri- City. This time, special attention was put to the business aspects of design. DESIGN conference in the language of BUSINESS and a series of workshops and lectures Create and Sell gathered a total of several hundred interested parties. Participants had the opportunity to meet a team of outstanding specialists, thanks to which they learned practical methods of effective operation in the creative industry.

For people who doesn’t  work with design on a daily basis, the festival turned out to be a great alternative, creative way of spending free time. Creativity stimulating classes gathered over 1000 interested people. During ten days of the festival, amateurs could play the role of designers as well as carpenters, shoemakers, senseliers, tailors, potters, modelers and dyers. According to the motto of this year's GDD edition - recovered - the organizers reminded of old handicraft techniques, successfully restoring them to the modern world.

The idea of ​​recovering what is the best from the past was fully reflected in the MANUBA collection, specially prepared for the festival by Polish designers and local craftsmen. The products created as part of cooperation were put on sale in a limited series. Thus, for the first time in GDD history, visitors were given the opportunity to buy prototypes.  

Gdynia Design Days 2016 have indicated a rich source of inspiration in the local tradition and identity of the place. Festival theme – recovered, was a reference to the history of Gdynia, celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. The festival itself will celebrate its round anniversary in a year. What will the 10th edition of GDD bring? We'll find out in July 2017!