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Elle Decoration | YOUNG READY TO START

YOUNG RADY TO START is competition dedicated to young creatives: designers, students and graduates. Main aim is to find out the most interesting ideas and projects describing the subject “The motifs of 50’s and 60’s in modern design”.  

Application must be sent by 31st of January. The  opening of exhibition will take place in July at  Gdynia Design Center.

COMPETITION SUBJECT: “The motifs of 50’s an 60’s in modern design” .

The subject of competition is an important factor and its attributes. There are many competition which aim to develop certain ideas, but team of ELLE Decoration- the only international magazine about interior design- put emphasis on  independent theme which make young creatives to think and analyze trends. Projects taking part in competition will be first time presented during opening of exhibition at Gdynia Design Center.

Projects must combine  the idea of innovation , functionality and safeness. The decision will be made by the jury which consist of the most appreciated design connected specialists, who will use their knowledge and taste in order to pick the most talented young designers. 

The prize is 10 000 zł. The most interesting projects will be featured in ELLE Decoration magazine and also on exhibition in Gdynia Design Center. Jury will pay attention especially to the aspect of innovation, combination of form and function and safeness.

Projects will be judge by:  
Małgorzata Szczepańska editor-in-chief ELLE Decoration
Marek Adamczewski designer, educator , dr hab. ASP w Gdańsku
Ryszard Balcerkiewicz   president of the board of company Noti
Marek Cecuła  designer, art director Ćmielów Design Studio
Ewa Gołębiowska director of Zamku Cieszyn
Ewa Janczukowicz-Cichosz head of Centrum Designu Gdynia
Piotr Kuchciński architect, designer
Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka  art and design historian

The first edition of competition took place in 2012. The subject was “Icon of design seen by young designers”. The purpose was to make creators think about what we call ‘inspiration’ in order to renew it proper meaning often understood now as copy. As an inspiration for our designer we put three iconic object- Home Desk by George Nelson, Organic Chair by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen and Coffee Table by Isamu Noguchi. The exhibition presenting projects taking part in competition was made in Gdynia Design Center.