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Attention! We’ve redesigned the festival.

During Gdynia Design Days, we talk about design as a problem-solving tool. Each year, we emphasize the roles and responsibilities of designers, the creative sector, businesses and local governments in designing products, services and spaces. We demonstrate that design stands for curiosity — a curiosity for change.

The festival is 365 days of work (and sometimes 366). This year, we’ve diligently prepared quality content and made contact with unique people to establish a creative platform for the exchange of thought, and we planned to meet you all there once again. We looked forward to welcoming many guests to Gdynia, but we’ve had to change our plans. Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, we were faced with the decision about whether, when and how to organise this year’s edition. Approaching this challenge with prudence and full responsibility, we’ve decided to redesign the festival into a fully digital, interactive experience.  

We’ve created a unique edition of Gdynia Design Days for times of crisis. Uncertainty and the changing nature of the situation force us to focus on real values, which all of us may view differently at this point.

While we are all paused, let’s try to stay attentive to other challenges that still require wise, functional, lasting solutions.Let’s continue our global discussion on the topic of ATTENTION. Now, new technologies and online tools may support and promote futures scenarios and the role design will play in the ever-changing landscape of the future. The upside: all of you, no matter where you are, will be able to benefit from the vast knowledge generated by the festival just as we’ve done each year. Attention, it’s time for change!Let’s stay in touch.

We’ll soon publish more detailed information about this virtual edition of Gdynia Design Days and how you can actively participate. Check Gdynia Design Days website to make sure you’re in the loop. ​